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In 1967, Neil and Alice Bakelaar purchased Johnstone Jewellers on Main Street in Listowel. Built directly on top of the Maitland River, the Johnstone Jewellery store endured flooding several times, which resulted in carrying merchandise to higher grounds, on more than one occasion.


The business operated successfully under the Johnstone Jewellers name until 1970, when we incorporated under the name of Bakelaar Jewellers Limited. In 1986, the Maitland Valley Conservation Authority Conduit Project began on Main Street. We relocated to Wallace Avenue and in March 1994, we officially moved back to Main Street.


 In 1994, Tim and Neil took an active role; along with many others from the community, in restoring the clock tower from the Old Post Office. Today it stands proudly in its new tower and is maintained and kept on time by Tim Bakelaar from Bakelaar Jewellers.


In 2000, Neil and Alice officially retired from Bakelaar Jewellers and Tim and Karen took over. We have grown with the times and made many changes. In 2014, we became a Canadian Diamond Boutique. We have welcomed Waterford Crystal guests Tom Brennan and Philip O'Keeffe from Waterford, Ireland to our community. This year we have replaced our Bakelaar Jewellers sign for the third time since opening in 1967. All this would not be possible without the professional staff we have working beside us.


Over the past 56 years, we have actively supported the Municipality of North Perth. We are proud to be a part of a great community. We thank you for your trust and confidence in the past years and look forward to serving you in the years to come.


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Bakelaar Jewellers Value Statement


Our Purpose is to strive to be our best at all times while we work with our staff and our customers. This guides all our decisions. We are committed to providing excellent customer service by living out our values individually, and as a team with integrity, kindness, respect and commitment, inside our business and in our community.