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“Waterford Crystal has an unparalleled legacy based on timeless design and luxury. A brand that moulds Friendship, Celebration, and Family. Waterford continues to be at the forefront of exquisitely designed and manufactured crystal pieces that are intended to be used and enjoyed every day for many years following simple care.”


  • Wash crystal separately in warm soapy water, rinse thoroughly and dry with a lint free cloth
  • Dishwashers are not recommended as they will dull and scratch the surface
  • Avoid extreme temperature changes as it will crack your crystal
  • The rims are the most fragile part of crystal. Never place any crystal on the rim during drying or storing
  • Coloured crystal will become damaged if it is in contact with bleach, solvents or any sharp edges


Please contact us with any questions (519)291-3280


Current and Past Events


Check our  Waterford Page for Current Stock Gallery, Holdiay 2023 Gallery and our special Mastercraft Gallery 



Waterford Crystal Mastercraft Cutting Event

Join us in welcoming Philip O'Keeffe, Mastercraftsman from Waterford, Ireland


Waterford and Bakelaar Jewellers are proud to host a Crystal Cutting event with Master Craftsman of 50 Years, Philip O'Keeffe. Philip started with Waterford at the age of 16 and achieved the status of Master Cutter specializing in cutting Waterford's more detailed pieces with strength, skill and artistry. Master Craftsman possess artisanal talent. Each craftsman must complete an eight year long apprenticeship to learn each skill required to cut crystal. Join us Thursday December 7, 2023 from 3-7 pm.  Guests will be given a unique insight into the process of cutting crystal. Anyone who purchases a Waterford Mastercraft piece will have the opportunity for a one-of-a-kind opportunity to cut a star on your own Double Old Fashioned glass provided by Waterford. If you have any questions please call Bakelaar Jewellers - (519)291-3280




Maple Leaf Diamonds ™


A Canadian Diamond brand since 2001, combines Canadian Diamonds with the art of jewellery design and Canadian Certified Gold. With over 60 Years of expertise and superb craftsmanship has been culminated in beautiful and timeless jewellery. For decades, the 4C’s –Colour, Cut, Clarity and Carat Weight have served as the universal guidelines for choosing a diamond. The 5th C to consider is country of origin, namely Canadian Maple Leaf Diamonds ™




Colour – A Diamond with the highest colour grade, is the Diamond with the least amount of colour. The highest grade is D, which is colourless and very rare. Fancy Diamonds are diamonds with colour, such as the yellow, blue, pink, purple, red and green. They are rare natural occurences making them very valuable


Cut – refers to the angles which maximizes the brilliance (light return), scintillation (sparkle), and fire (flashes of light)


Clarity – refers to the impurities known as inclusions which a vast majority contain to some degree. The size, number, type and location of these inclusions factor into a diamond’s final clarity grade.


Carat Weight – is the ‘C’ which most likely has the most impact on determining the value. Larger diamonds are discovered less frequently in nature.


Canadian -  today’s consumers are more concerned with the country of origin and the impact on environment. Canada maintains very high standards.


Choice - Nature Untouched Lab Grown Diamonds are grown in laboratories which replicate the Earth's natural forces. This choice allows the consumer to determine what is best to suit budget while demonstrating a sense of self.



Maple Leaf Diamonds Logo

Diamond ring


 Lab Grown Diamonds

"Diamond Evolution Lab Grown Diamonds are grown in state-of-the-art laboratories which replicate the Earth’s natural forces and conditions required for a diamond to grow.

The process begins with a diamond seed, a carbon atom which when activated, stimulates the diamond to grow. When complete, the result is a brilliant lab grown diamond with the same physical, chemical and optical properties as a natural diamond.

Like a natural diamond, lab grown diamonds are evaluated using the 4C’s – cut, clarity, colour and carat. However, we believe that Diamond Evolution Lab Grown Diamonds allow for a 5th C – choice! This choice allows you to determine what best suits your budget while demonstrating your sense of self.

We are committed to the replenishment of Canada’s Forests. In partnership with One Tree Planted, five trees will be planted with the purchase of any piece from the Diamond Evolution Collection. This initiative is indicative of our desire to contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions."